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Science Behind the Strains

Did you know?

  • Probiotics cannot permanently colonise the gut – however, they can exert health effects in transit1, 2
  • Probiotic effects are strain-specific1, 2
  • When combined, strains can have competing effects, meaning multi-strain probiotics may be less effective3
  • Despite robust clinical evidence, regulatory law prohibits the discussion of health benefits of products containing probiotic strains, and the marketing of these products as probiotics4. Healthcare professionals must therefore educate themselves on the science behind specific strains, and look for these specific strains in marketed products, in order to make appropriate assessments about the use of specific probiotics.

Learn about the specific clinical benefits of the PrecisionBiotics® strains…

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Our Strains

Clinically shown to help manage IBS symptoms

Clinically shown to improve the ability to cope with stress and reduce anxiety

Clinically shown to help manage IBS symptoms, depression, anxiety and quality of life

Preclinical evidence in the management of viral respiratory infections

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