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PB-VIR™ Science

Bifidobacterium longum PB-VIR

  • Originally derived from a healthy human gut1,2
  • Safe1,2
  • In a pre-clinical trial in influenza, a murine model showed that intra-nasal administration of the PB-VIR™ strain influenced host immune response1:
    • Controlling viral numbers in the lungs at an earlier stage of infection than seen in the control group
    • Stimulating a targeted immune response, without triggering the ‘cytokine storm’ and hyperinflammation that occurs when the host’s immune system overreacts to continuing high levels of infection
    • Thereby reducing mortality and lung damage associated with influenza
  • Involves a unique mode of action that works at the site of administration e.g. the nasal cavity1
  • Learn more about the microbiome and immune health

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