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Self-care for HCPs – Breaking the Stress Cycle. With Emily Hutchinson

0.5 CPD learning hours

Self-care for HCPs – Breaking the Stress Cycle. With Emily Hutchinson

Balancing self-care with challenging work conditions is a difficult battle for most. Following the recent pandemic, there has been an increased demand on healthcare services, which has contributed to stressful working conditions. Repeated or chronic stress impacts both physical and mental health. Healthcare professionals are dedicated to the delivery of care to others, but, it is also important that healthcare professionals take time to look after themselves.

The way that we live and work is contributing to the current epidemic of stress and mental health issues. It is only through understanding the reasons for this that we can start to make changes for the better. In this webinar Emily Hutchinson helps us to understand the stress cycle, and how to use this understanding to create a healthier way of working and living.

Emily is a Chartered Psychologist and registered Health Practitioner. Her company, Apply Psychology, provides research and services to individuals and organisations to create healthier ways of working. Her first book was published in 2021 with her co-author Caroline Brown, entitled ‘The Strengths-Based Organization: How to boost inclusivity, wellbeing, and performance’.

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